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Dengue Profile - Rapid

Rs.2190 @ Rs.1200 Save Rs.990

Which includes with Dengue IgG, IgM, NS1 and Doctor Consultation

Dengue Profile - ELISA

Rs.3200 @ Rs.2000 Save Rs.1200

Which includes with Dengue IgG, IgM, NS1 and Doctor Consultation

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Dengue Tests

Dengue IgG - Elisa

MRP₹ 160050% off
₹ 800
save ₹800

Dengue IgM - Elisa

MRP₹ 160050% off
₹ 800
save ₹800

Dengue NS1 Antigen - Elisa

MRP₹ 200045% off
₹ 1100
save ₹900

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FREE Home Sample Collection scooter | Free Online Doctor Consultation

This comprehensive package evaluates all parameters to provide a full view of any short-term or long-term medical complications. It is usually recommended as an annual procedure or as per doctor’s advice. Preventive actions can be taken in time to treat any foreseeable threats.

Our Heart Packages

FREE Home Sample Collection scooter | Free Doctor Consultation

Cardiac Health Check-Up Package combines an in-depth cardiac assessment and heart screening. It is suitable for individuals who want a baseline assessment of their heart health or those who are concerned with or have a family history of heart disease. Screen early and take action to avoid heart problems.


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